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Annual Alcohol Awareness Week


Each year the Health & Wellbeing Service coordinates local Alcohol Awareness Week activity on behalf of Public Health Manchester. It forms part of work delivered all year round to improve access to information and self-help advice for increasing and higher risk drinkers in the city with the focus based on local priorities. Our ‘supermarket roadshow’ events usually run Monday to Friday and are delivered in partnership with multi-agency colleagues all working together to reduce alcohol-related harm. If you would like to take part in future Alcohol Awareness Week events, please contact Liz Burns.

Alcohol Awareness Week 17th - 23rd November 2014


Alcohol Awareness Week 2014 is next week, starting this year on Monday 17th November. This annual week of activity is a fantastic opportunity for many different organisations, teams and services to help take local action around alcohol.

There are 3 ways to take part:

  • Help protect children from alcohol by joining the Drink Wise campaign Let’s Look Again At Alcohol
  • Love Your Liver by staying off alcohol for 2-3 days each week
  • Sign up to Dry January 2015


What you can do:

Order an Alcohol Awareness Week 2014 campaign pack – if you can put up a display or hold an event, let us know and we will support you. Contact Liz Burns.


Supermarket Roadshow:

Manchester’s Health & Wellbeing Service will also be running public events across the city throughout the week at the following venues:

  • Monday 17th November: City Centre (Arndale Market)
  • Tuesday 18th November: East Manchester (Asda Eastlands) and Wythenshawe Forum
  • Wednesday 19th November: Fallowfield (Sainsbury’s, Wilmslow Road)
  • Thursday 20th November: Harpurhey (Asda) with the First Stop Health Bus
  • Friday 21st November: Hulme (Asda)


Download our leaflet and posters:

Alcohol Awareness Week 2013


Our annual alcohol awareness week roadshow was bigger and better last year, rolling out to five major supermarkets across the city and joined by multi-agency teams from the Fire Service, Oral Health Promotion, Health Trainers and Stop Smoking Advisors. A particular highlight was a visit from Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England, who congratulated the multi-agency team on their partnership response to alcohol awareness week.


We also launched a new campaign focusing on the impact of alcohol on family life, developed in collaboration with parents as well frontline staff working with families, creating a website called and a series of posters illustrating alcohol’s hidden harm on parenting.



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Alcohol Awareness Week 2012


Our annual Alcohol Awareness Week activity for 2012 aimed to increase awareness of the physical health risks caused by drinking more than the NHS limits.  Alcohol Adviser Liz Burns said: "A December 2011 YouGov survey showed that most people in the North West are unaware of the serious illnesses that can be caused by drinking more than the limits advised by the NHS. For example, 85 per cent of people did not know that drinking more than the recommended limit of alcohol can increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

To download a copy of our 2012 resources click here...