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Alcohol can affect your family life


With almost 1 in 3 children living with at least one parent who drinks above the lower-risk levels, how might alcohol affect family life?


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If you would like some extra support to set goals or keep on track, or if you have physical withdrawal symptoms (like shaking, sweating or feeling anxious until you have a first drink of the day), telephone the Community Alcohol Team for more advice before stopping completely on 0161 234 5055 (Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm)

Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice


Manchester’s local alcohol strategy sets out to increase access to Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice across services working with parents and carers. To arrange a bespoke training session for your team or service, please contact Liz Burns to discuss your requirements or book a place on our next multi-agency training course “Getting the Measure of It”

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