Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

Getting Active Through Exercise (GATE) -

Exercise to Promote Health & Prevent Falls in the Over 65’s


This project is aimed solely at the older population in Manchester in line with the National Service Framework for Older People (Standard 6 – Falls and Standard 8 – Improving General Wellbeing) and guidance from the National Institute for Health & Clinical Evidence (NICE).  Currently, there are no other exercise providers who focus exclusively on the over-65.   The project addresses the gap in existing exercise provision by offering a variety of exercise types to address the deterioration in the muscular and motor function of older people and prevent falls. 

The criteria for entry to the project is as follows:

  • All Manchester residents over the age of 65;
  • Non-Manchester residents over the age of 65 with a Manchester GP

Exclusion from participation exists where exercise would be detrimental to health e.g;

  • uncontrolled resting blood pressure;
  • uncontrolled angina;
  • uncontrolled tachycardia;
  • unstable or acute heart failure;
  • uncontrolled visual or vestibular problems;
  • unable to maintain a seated upright position;
  • recent injurious fall with receiving attention;
  • impaired cognition;
  • would place self or others at risk.

Participants are asked to fill in a Safe To Exercise consent form before beginning any activity through the GATE project.

If there is a disclosed pre existing medical condition that could prevent participation, but is believed to be controlled or not significant enough to warrant exclusion, then a PAR-Q form is to be used and consent to exercise from the GP of the participant will be sought before any exercise can be undertaken as part of the GATE Project.

GATE Classes