Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ's)


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  • What is it about?
    Health Trainers provide support to individuals who would like to lead a healthier lifestyle. They have been trained to have the skills to offer practical support and guidance on health issues and lifestyle matters and help individuals to make small changes that will make a big difference to their life.
  • I don’t know why I’ve been referred to you?
    You’re GP or a health professional may have referred you to the Health Trainer Service if you expressed that you would like help and support to eat healthily, become more active, sleep soundly, manage stress, become smoke free, drink less alcohol or meet others.
  • How can you help?
    Health Trainers can help you find ways of leading a healthier lifestyle and look at areas where you are tempted into unhealthy habits. Health Trainers can work with you to find different ways in which you can become healthier and kick start a change.
  • What do you do differently?
    Health Trainers have the skills and time to support your health with a holistic approach. They can tailor support to your specific needs and only work on making changes that you want to make. Health Trainers will discuss your needs and help you set goals and agree an action plan.
  • How long will the session take?
    This depends on the amount of help and support that you require but your initial appointment will last for approximately 1 hour with follow up appointments usually taking around 30 minutes, you can also make contact with your Health Trainer via phone and email.
  • How much does the service cost?
    It is free!
  • Are you a personal trainer? Will you teach me how to get fit? Will you take me around the gym?
    Health Trainers are not Personal Trainers but can provide you with support and practical tools to help you get more active. They can provide you with information about appropriate exercise sessions and services and initially accompany you to a session to introduce you to a group or activity if this is the support you need. 
  • Do I have to bring a list of my medicines?
    No- Health Trainers don’t routinely ask for a list of your medications. It may be information that is needed if you decide to be referred onto another specialised service but the Health Trainer will discuss this with you at the time if appropriate.
  • Are you going to do more exercise with me, what do you want me to wear – ‘T’ shirt, trainers?
    Please wear whatever you are comfortable in. You won’t be doing exercise but if this is something you need support with you can discuss this with your Health Trainer.
  • I want to change everything about my life but don’t know where to start
    Health Trainers can work with you to find different ways in which to become healthier. They will help you kick start some small changes that can make a big difference to your life. During your first session you will talk about your needs and work together to set goals and come up with an action plan.

Healthy Eating


  • I am confused about what to believe in terms of healthy eating. I’m getting all sorts of conflicting advice. You hear something new every week about food that is bad for you how do you know what to believe?
    Health Trainers will you give information and resources about healthy eating that is up to date and has been produced by recognised organisations such as the NHS and Food Standards Agency and provide you with recommendations following government guidelines. 
  • I want to get into a better routine with my diet can you help me?
    Yes, Health Trainers can show you how to keep a food diary and give you tips about how to make healthy changes to your diet.
  • I can’t cook and healthy food is too expensive! I would like to cook my own food but I have no time I’m busy!
    Health Trainers can provide you with healthy recipes and advice about how to buy healthy food on a budget and even come shopping with you for fresh fruit and vegetables. Health Trainers can sign post you to a local cook and taste session where you can learn cooking skills and try out easy recipes.
    specialised support groups or workshops and provide self help guides and resources.



  • I can’t afford to pay for exercise. Can you get me a gym pass?
    Health Trainers are very knowledgeable about exercise options in their areas so can provide you with information about free or low cost exercise opportunities in your area. They can where appropriate refer you to exercise services that provide specialist exercise options and low cost memberships.



  • I am overweight and need to lose weight can you please guide me?
    If you want to lose weight Health Trainers can give you tips for making healthy changes to your diet and support you to get more active. They can also signpost you to weight management programmes if this is something you would like to take part in.



  • I don’t sleep well at all, can you help?
    Yes, Health Trainers can provide you with some simple tips on effective alternatives to medications and ways to enable healthy sleep patterns. They can also refer you onto specialised support groups or workshops and provide self help guides and resources.



  • Can you help me to stop smoking?
    Yes, Heath Trainers can provide you with support to stop smoking by sharing information resources and information about products to help you quit. They can signpost you to support services such as the Manchester Stop Smoking Service.



  • I am not confident to go out on my own, can someone help me?
    Heath Trainers can work with you to find, and if you wish accompany you to a suitable group or activity that will enable you to become more social. For example this may be a local Health Walk or arts group.