Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

About Us


The Health and Wellbeing Service is a citywide service contracted by NHS Manchester, which has a lead responsibility for improving the health of people across the city.

Our core values are:

  • Enable and empower all communities to make healthy choices and engage in health development
  • Target services to vulnerable and high risk groups in a creative and innovative way
  • Deliver evidence based practice
  • Develop and support partnership working
  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Evaluate our work to demonstrate the impact and ensure continual improvement in the quality of services we deliver
  • Provide services which are value for money
  • Listen to and involve users in the development of services

The Health and Wellbeing Service published its annual report for 2011-12 ‘Working with you for a healthy Manchester’. The report outlines what we do, achievements and plans to work with you towards better health for all across the city.

To download a copy of the annual report, please click on the PDF icon below.