Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

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There are currently two main sites where we are based and you can contact us by writing, calling or emailing us on the following details:

Victoria Mill - 0161 882 2589


Health and Wellbeing Service,
Victoria Mill,
Lower Vickers St,
Miles Platting,
M40 7LJ

Fax - 0161 203 5817

Fallowfield Library - 0161 248 1767


Health and Wellbeing Service,
1st Floor, Fallowfield Library
Platt Lane,
M14 7FB

Fax - 0161 248 1751

Admin Support Team - 0161 248 1767


Tracy Slattery. Higher Clerical Officer
Fallowfield Library


Aurora Robb. Health Trainer Administrator.

0161 882 2583


Maureen Evans. Joint project worker for mental health training.

0161 882 2588

Maureen supports mental health training delivery.


Michelle Dooley. Administration Support.

0161 882 2561


Hayley Evans. Administration Support.

0161 882 2590


Lisa Hayden. Finance and Administration Support.

0161 882 2591


Gemma Barrington. Administration Support.

0161 217 3667

Alcohol Issues - 0161 248 1763


Liz Burns. Public Health Development Advisor-Alcohol.

0161 248 1763
Liz provides training in alcohol identification and brief advice as well as alcohol dependence. She also works with the police, local authority and local licensed trade training alcohol retail staff in responsible alcohol sales.


Kate Johnson. Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice Trainer.

0161 248 1750
Kate provides training in alcohol identification and brief advice to frontline staff from targeted priority groups.

Cancer - 0161 232 4219


Paul Nethercott. Senior Public Health Development Advisor/CHD & Cancer.

0161 861 2538
Paul leads on strategic development of CHD and Cancer prevention initiatives on behalf of the Public Health Development Service across the city of Manchester.


Angela Osei. Health Improvement Practitioner

07585 965 488


Jenny Aindow. Health Improvement Practitioner

07585 965 491

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - 0161 861 2538


Paul Nethercott.

Rose Boyd – North Manchester
Bernie Murphy – Central Manchester
Emma Farrell – South Manchester

Drugs & Harm Reduction - 0161 248 1761


Colin Tyrie. Senior Public Health Development Advisor

0161 248 1761

07870 906 771
Colin Tyrie has a strategic role across Manchester to support the development of services in the reduction on drug related harm, including drug related infections such as HIV, hepatitis A, B and C. He is Project Lead on the Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy for Blood Borne Virus Prevention and works closely with Manchester Drug and Alcohol Strategy Team (DAST) and Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit (GMHPU) on public health issues relating to substance misuse.


Mark Edwards. Needle Exchange Project Worker
Ancoats Needle Exchange, Ancoats Community Health Centre, Old Mill Street, Manchester, M4 6EE

0161 274 1652

Mark ‘Eddie’ Edwards works directly with service users in the provision of sterile injecting paraphernalia and harm reduction advice in accordance with National Guidance on Needle Exchange Services. The Ancoats clinic provides weekend and evening services for drug users and acts as a point of referral into treatment and other health services. This needle exchange is a long established part of Manchester’s drug services and Mark has won a health award for the innovative work undertaken at the service and for excellence in this field.

Falls Prevention - 0161 248 1752


Tracy Slattery

Health Trainers - 0161 882 2583


Delana Lawson. Health Trainer Programme Manager.

0161 882 2587


Megan Brown. Health Trainer Programme Support Officer.

0161 882 2569


For any enquiries and for referrals regarding the Health Trainers Programme please contact:

Aurora Robb


Text CHANGE to 81025 and someone will call you back.


Our team of Health Trainers work citywide with bases at various locations across the city. If you know the name of your Health Trainer then you can contact through any of the ways above and ask for their contact details.

Healthy Eating - 0161 248 1752


Rose Boyd - North Manchester

07971 331 539


Bernie Murphy – Central Manchester

0161 248 1767

07971 331 537


Emma Farrell – South Manchester

0161 217 3951

07971 331 540

Health Information & Resources Library (HIRL) - 0161 248 1769


Fallowfield Library


Library Email:



Daniel Livesey – Library Supervisor

0161 248 1912


Katie Nicholas – Library Assistant

0161 248 1753


Rosalind Mcnally – Outreach Librarian

0161 276 3308

Oral Health Improvement - 0161 232 4204


Moss Side Health Centre, Monton Street, Manchester, M14 4GP

Vicky Brand. Improvement Manager

0161 232 4204


Caroline Hardman. Improvement Practitioner.
Clayton Health Centre and Baguley Health Centre

0161 946 9282

0161 230 1833


Christine Topping. Dental Therapist.
Baguley Health Centre

0161 946 9282


Kathryn Fleming. Improvement Practitioner.
Clayton Health Centre

0161 231 1151

0161 230 1833


Karen Cashin. Improvement Practitioner.

0161 232 4203


Anisa Razzaque-Nawaz. Admin Support.

0161 232 4204


Sarah Cash. Improvement Practitioner.

0161 232 4203

Physical Activity Referral Service (PARS) - 0161 230 1857


Clayton Health Centre
89 North Road
M11 4EJ

Fax: 0161 230 1820


Craig Jones. PARS Team Manager.

0161 230 1823

Description to follow.

Public Mental Health - 0161 232 4204


Douglas Inchbold. Public Health Development Manager.

0161 861 2543

Douglas takes lead for this team and a strategic role for public mental health in Manchester.


Nicola Wood. Senior Public Health Development Advisor.

0161 861 2551

Nicola supports strategic development and takes a lead on developing initiatives in primary care and community settings.


Caroline Bedale. Senior Public Health Development Advisor.

0161 861 2540

Caroline takes a lead on workplace health and the co-ordination of the mental health training programme.


Shamin Malik. Public Health Development Advisor (Manchester Supporting Health Programme).

0161 861 2539

Shamin focuses on promoting the physical health of people with mental health problems.


Alpa Raja. Public Health Development Advisor (Manchester Supporting Health Dementia Programme).

0161 861 2545

Alpa focuses on promoting the physical health of people with dementia and their carers.


Teresa Czajka. Mental Health Promotion Specialist.

0161 946 9446

Teresa also has a specialist role to promote mental health for people with long term physical health problems.


Michelle Ashworth. Specialist for Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing.

0161 257 3845

Michelle focuses on primary care and community settings and is involved in the development of resources and training.


Kate Ogden. Public Mental Health Project Worker

0161 861 2585

Kate supports the broad work of the team and is strongly involved in the delivery of training and outreach through community events.


Maureen Evans


Manchester Supporting Health Programme

Margaret Muldown. Supporting Health Programme Nurse.

0161 276 3482


Sue Blakeley. Supporting Health Programme Nurse.

0161 276 3482


Pam Kehoe. Supporting Health Programme (Dementia) Nurse.

0161 276 3482

Sexual Health & Harm Reduction - 0161


Pete Smith. Public Health Development Manager.

Pete takes a lead for this team and a strategic and commissioning role for sexual health and harm reduction in the city of Manchester.


Josanne Cowell. Public Health Development Adviser (Sexual Health)

Josanne coordinates the production and distribution of the teams reports, research and sexual health campaigns.


Rick Plant. Healthy Prisons Coordinator

Rick’s unique post is based within HMP Manchester where he leads on a generic health promotion strategy for prisoners.


Colin Tyrie


Mark Edwards


Gary Beeny


Elizabeth Burns


Kate Campbell

South Manchester Healthy Living Network (SMHLN) -

0161 217 3667


Nigar Franklin. Discovery Team Manager.

[Brief description of responsibilities]


Jane McAllister. Partnership Health Worker.

[Brief description of responsibilities]


Gemma Barrington






Stop Smoking Service - 0161 205 5998


Chris Love. Senior Manager Health & Wellbeing/Stop Smoking Service.


Abbie Paton. Senior Public Health Advisor Stop Smoking Service.


Jenny Cowell. Communications Officer.


Rebecca Coyle. Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor.


Shazia Kamran. Senior Public Health Development Advisor, Smoking & Pregnancy.


Jason Kennedy. Senior Public Health Development Advisor, Community Participation Worker.


Alison Reid. Senior Public Health Development Advisor/ Smoking and Pregnancy.


Michelle Howarth. Primary Care Liaison Specialist (GP & Practice Staff).


Noah Mellor. Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor.


Michelle Dooley


Hayley Evans


Lisa Hayden


Longsight Health Centre and Welcome Centre


Aurangzaib Amirat. Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor/ South Asian Community.


North Manchester General Hospital


Lana Burrows. Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor.


Hazel Hughes. Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor.


Denny Wood. Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor.


Manchester Royal Infirmary


Lana Burrows


Wythenshawe Hospital & Withington Community Hospital


Cheryl Pearse. UHSM Smoking Cessation Nurse.




Chris Bell. Healthy Smokefree Families Support Worker.