Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

Denture Wearers and Older People


  • Everyone including those with full dentures should have regular examinations.
  • Dentures should be removed and cleaned every night and should be replaced when damaged or ill fitting.
  • Fungal infections can occur if dentures are ill fitting or not cleaned thoroughly.
  • If the patient has swallowing difficulties then the advice maybe to keep the dentures in overnight which supports the mouth and keeps the airway open a little more. (SBOHED 09)

Dry Mouth


  • Common condition that increases the risk of dental caries and periodontal disease.
  • Side-effect of many drugs.
  • Linked to certain conditions.
  • General prevention advice is needed. 
  • Artificial saliva, frequent sips of iced water and even sugar free gum can provide some relief. (SBOHED 09)
  • Those most at risk, diabetics, those with blocked salivary ducts, chronic dehydration e.g. renal dialysis pt, Sjogrens syndrome.
  • Oral candidosis (thrush), when not associated with dentures, may be a sign of systemic disease causing immunosuppression.   (SBOHED 09)