Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

Who are we?


The oral health team are a non-clinical service which comprises of six team members including part time administration support. The personnel have previous clinical experience and oral health /health improvement and teaching qualifications. The team is geographically based in the North, South and Central parts of the city to enable the team to provide a city wide service; this also supports the vital work we do with our partners to deliver oral health within a common risk approach.

The Service aims to improve oral health, reduce health inequalities and meet local needs by engaging with individuals, health, education and social care
partners and communities to enable and empower them to improve self care habits and make a difference. The service aims to do this by delivering evidenced based
programmes which focus on education and training, fluoride interventions and access to dental services to reduce both the prevalence of oral disease and inequalities of oral health among a variety of groups.

This service also works to improve awareness of oral cancer due to the year on year increase of reported cases. Some adults are at particular risk, e.g. those who smoke
and drink alcohol at high levels. The service ensures all clinical teams are sufficiently trained to give advice on prevention of oral cancer, recognise suspicious lesions
and make referrals correctly. The service also plans and delivers with our relevant partners a city wide campaign during oral cancer awareness month.