Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

Public Mental Health


The public mental health team in this service aims to develop strategy and deliver partnership and project work to improve the mental health of people in Manchester.
National surveys show that about one in six of the adult population will be experiencing mental health problems at any one time. For children to the age of 15, this proportion is about one in ten. It is estimated that this prevalence could be doubled for Manchester’s population. This is largely due to the strong links between mental ill health and poverty and deprivation but also because of the city’s role as a regional centre.

The North West mental Wellbeing Survey also suggests that many more people experience poor mental wellbeing (feeling good and functioning well) which has a detrimental effect on all areas of their lives including work, relationships and health. This picture is also reflected in Manchester’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment that demonstrated very high levels of poor mental health and low levels of mental wellbeing in the city.

To tackle this enormous and complex task, we aim to influence all Manchester organisations to play their part in addition to undertaking direct initiatives to improve mental health. This work is overseen by the Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board and implemented through the Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy.