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Sexual health and the over 50s


  • The over 50s Sexual Health and relationship resource, see below.
  • HIV prevention and onward transmission work
  • Training

Over 50s Relationship & Sexual Health Guide


The Over 50’s Relationship and Sexual Health Guide is a sexual health promotion resource targeting anyone over 50. It aims to improve and promote good sexual health amongst the Over 50s, and to enable them to make informed choices about their sexual health and relationships.

It also aims to increase people’s knowledge of sex and relationships and to reduce the incidences of sexually transmitted infections and HIV infection amongst the Over 50s.

Cost: £1.50 per copy (No VAT charged. Price includes P&P).
Please send a Purchase Order, preferably accompanied by a cheque.
Cheques payable to Manchester Primary Care Trust.
Send to Manchester Public Health Development Service, 3rd Floor, Mauldeth House, Mauldeth Road West, Manchester M21 7RL.

For more information contact Carnell Bell-Smith.

Over 50s Story Cards


As part of the local sexual health strategy the Sexual Health and Harm reduction team have developed a sexual health promotion project aimed at the over 50s. It involves the production of 12 small story cards each of which features a different character who tells their particular experiences around HIV, sexual health and relationships. It works on the principal of using real people’s stories to engage their peers.

The cards also include local Manchester information about where to get tested for HIV and STIs and where to go for support.

The overall aim of these cards is to promote good sexual health in the over 50s and particularly to:

  • raise HIV and STI awareness amongst the over 50s in Manchester
  • decrease stigma around HIV
  • encourage people to get tested for HIV and STIs
  • reduce onward transmission
  • encourage safer sex practices