Health & Wellbeing Service - Manchester

Sowing The Seeds Training Pack


A practical training guide to enable front line staff to develop effective sexual health and harm reduction work.

Topics covered include:

  • Rights and responsibilities around sex and sexual health
  • Sexuality and prejudice
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Women’s sexual health
  • Lesbian, gay and bisexual issues
  • Working with young people
  • Safer sex and contraception

What is it?
Produced by an award winning team, this excellent training pack includes 27 imaginative and engaging activities that will enable staff and workers to develop their skills and undertake effective sexual health or harm reduction related work.

Who is it aimed at?
This pack can be used by anyone working within a health or social care setting. It can be of use to workers with a specific sexual health, drug or alcohol remit. It may also be of use to workers with a more generic front line responsibility.

Cost: £48.00 including p&p (no vat is charged) and can be bought from MPHDS South Library.