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Manchester councillors join fight to tackle tobacco harm


Manchester councillors join fight to tackle tobacco harm to save the city over £175.7million a year.

At a recent conference, councillors pledged to work locally and collaboratively towards a tobacco free future, by making smoking history for children.

The conference was attended by Public Health Minister Anne Milton and leading local authority figures and discussions focused on how they can tackle tobacco in our local communities.

From April 2013 local authorities will be wholly responsible for public health and tackling tobacco will be a key priority. Smoking costs communities hugely, not only in terms of health impacts and costs to the NHS, but also in terms of fires, litter, lost days at work and productivity. A tool that has been developed to calculate the impacts estimates that the cost to Manchester is £175.7million. This cost broken down can be found at:

The government’s Healthy Lives, Healthy People: a tobacco control plan for England sets out clearly the need for a comprehensive approach to tackling tobacco. A range of measures have already been implemented or are being considered. These include:

  • Cigarette vending machines legislation to stop easy access for young people (implemented 1st October)
  • Point of sale displays legislation which comes in next Spring
  • A commitment to consulting on plain packaging for tobacco products
  • Preventing the promotion of tobacco though entertainment media

For more information contact Vicky Mills, Communications Manager, Tobacco Free Futures on: 0161 238 6385 or email:

Download a copy of the press release here.