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New Sponsorship Deal


Manchester Stop Smoking Service supports Manchester University’s Medics Rugby Team.

Manchester Stop Smoking Service are sponsoring the kit for the Medics’ Rugby Team at Manchester University for the coming year. The team has first, second and third year student doctors and they play in both a local league and a national medical students one.

Abbie Paton from the Stop Smoking Service commented: ‘One of our staff spotted a request for sponsorship in the South Manchester Reporter. We were keen to raise our profile and the idea of supporting people to stop smoking early on into the career of the country’s future crop of doctors seemed a good one. Of course rugby players, like all good sportspeople, need to be as fit as possible which of course means steering clear of the fags!’

Member of the medical students’ rugby team, Hugo Woffenden who is also a second year student said, "I used to smoke daily but when I started playing rugby I found I was really struggling with the fitness aspect of the game. I quit smoking 12 months ago and feel much better for it, both on and off the pitch”.