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Use ancient dental stick to help quit smoking during Ramadan!


Ramadan is a good time for you to stop smoking and if you need support to quit contact Manchester Stop Smoking Service. Along with help from one of our specialist advisors, When you sign up to stop smoking during Ramadan, you will be given a Miswak dental stick free of charge as an aid to help you quit.
The Miswak, is an ancient oral health stick which originates from Egypt and is made up of branches and bark from the Arak tree1.

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that the Miswak stick is sometimes used as an alternative to smoking as it mimics the hand to mouth action if you smoke. Its soft fibres also act as a toothbrush to keep teeth and gums clean. However here in Manchester the dental promotion team always promote its use alongside a toothbrush for effective removal of plaque.

Photo: Abbie Paton, Acting Manager, Manchester Stop Smoking Service, Mohammed Raza, client who received NHS support to stop smoking & Aurangzaib, Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor – all showing Miswak and toothbrush for oral hygiene throughout Ramadan.

To enjoy a smokefree Ramadan and get your free Miswak stick, call Manchester Stop Smoking Service for support to quit – tel: 205 5998.


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