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Wythenshawe’s Smokefree Choir makes front page news


Wythenshawe’s Smokefree Choir led the way on the front page of Wythenshawe World’s newspaper recently encouraging people who have quite smoking to join up and sing.

The choir was created by Barnardo’s in partnership with Royal Northern College of Music Outreach & Manchester Stop Smoking Service as part of work encouraging people to protect children and babies from cigarette smoke. It also provides a new, healthy activity for some of the members who have quit smoking and is a great way to get the message across.

Chris Bell, from the Smokefree Choir, is photographed with the choir and their ‘Chemical Soup’. She goes on to explain; “We have produced a Chemical Soup to graphically illustrate some of the chemicals in cigarette smoke and the harm that smoking does to children. We have a simple message to adults – would you make soup out of these chemicals and leave it bubbling on the stove while your children play nearby?”

The choir meets every Wednesday at the Forum. If you would like to find out more about the choir, the stop smoking campaign or support to stop smoking, then please contact Chris Bell on 0161 945 4274.

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