10 Reasons to Choose a Course from the Good Health, Manchester Training Programme

We take a practical approach to training. The number one priority of our training programme is to ensure participants obtain the exact knowledge and skills they require!

All the courses, all the topics – a one stop shop for public health training.

  1. Our current training programme has over 50 multi-agency courses covering all public health topics from Enabling Self Care to Stop Smoking Brief Training.
  2. Our trainers are always specialists in the subjects in which they train. Training is one part of the specialist role of the staff who deliver the training programme – our staff and partners are not only trainers, they are specialists in the field.
  3. Courses are designed to be participative, so you can use them to build on your own working experience.
  4. All our trainers hold a professionally recognised training qualification. The trainers that deliver the Good Health, Manchester Training Programme will each have an official qualification that is recognised by teaching bodies in the UK. All our training staff who have not previously obtained a teaching qualification, now possess a Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS) qualification - the recognised requirement for teaching in Further Education in the UK. Those trainers who do not have a PTTLS qualification will have a P.G.C.E., BEd or BA / BSc (with QTS), or equivalent qualification.
  5. We are connected, up-to-date and evidence based. The Health and Wellbeing Care Group plays a central role in many public health networks in Manchester giving you the benefit of our experience, understanding and contacts. We regularly review our training programme to ensure the information we provide is of a consistently high quality, containing the most recent evidence-based information. Evaluation is at the core of our training strategy so we can constantly monitor if we are delivering to your wishes.
  6. Courses just for your organisation or your team. If you would like us to deliver a course especially for your organisation or team, please contact us and we should be able to tailor training to meet your needs.
  7. Bespoke Courses If you would like to discuss the possibility of having training delivered to your organisation that is not explicitly listed in the training programme, but has a related public health context, please contact us we will try our best to meet your needs.
  8. Courses are free of charge to those working with clients in Manchester.
  9. So easy to sign up for a course.
  10. Most of our courses are conveniently located close to the city centre, with free car parking.

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